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Digital marketer , Web developer , SEO

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Mohamad Hassaan


Welcome to my profile, I'm Mohamad Hassaan 24 years old Living in Cairo, Egypt. I've graduated from British university in Egypt faculty of dentistry 2020, in my internship year i found that I have talent in marketing specially in digital field (Social media), so I started to have courses to improve my knowledge to help people to reach their objectives. marketing is a long rime investment and not about cost or having customers only, its your gate to put your brand in people's mind. After I took a long distance in learning digital marketing I started to learn Search Engine optimization (the organic ranking of your website in search engine like Google) which is an powerful field to promote your brand in organic way, did you know that there is 3.8 million searches per minute on average across the globe using google? Finally I stated to build website starting from hosting, UX designing, build links, widgets and more using WordPress.

Contact me in YallaMission and learn more about services which we can use to help you in raising your brand.

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