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My name is Shimaa Ali, live in Egypt . EDUCATION &QUALIFICATIONS: Graduated from faculty of science Ain Shams university in 2003 with BSc of Biochemistry/Chemistry. Have master degree in biochemistry Helwan University 2010 . have nanodegree in a digital marketing (email , social media ) have a degree in education (science) from CK 12 WORK EXPERIENCE: Chemist , Oct 2003- April 2007 Aero-Medical Board Department Responsible for biochemical analysis of the Egyptian pilots Golden Bake Company (research and development lab.) April 2007 – Dec. 2007 Researcher in National Cancer Institute.AS a member in STDF project Dec. 2007 – March 2012 (Expression profile of microRNA for Egyptian HCV associated hepatocellular carcinoma) Privet teacher (Science 6 – 9) Biology (10 – 12) oct 2013 - oct 2017 TRAINING: E-mail marketing (mail chimp) social media marketing ( face book - Instagram - twitter ) . National Cancer Institute . Attended and participated in the workshop (Essential Protein Techniques in Cell Biology). . Smart Mind Canter. . Diploma in NLP (Nervous Language Programming). . Diploma in management of time. . Diploma in memory and remembering. . Diploma in modern leadership. . Diploma in modern sales. . Diploma in Marketing. . Diploma in Customer service. . Professional experience: . Extraction of Nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) from any tissue samples and blood . Extraction of proteins from any body fluid (blood, Urine…etc) or tissue samples. . Measurement of DNA and/ or RNA concentration by spectrophotometer and / or Nano Drop . Preparation and identification of nucleic acids, protein isolation and separation by gel electrophoresis, molecular modelling and computer analysis of kinetic data. Use of a haemocytometer, microscopic investigation, aseptic technique and bacterial isolation and cultivation. . Cell breakage, ELISA, immunoassays, spectroscopy, enzyme assays, protein purification. . Well versed in sterile microbiological techniques allowing for the maintenance and growth of bacterial and yeast cell cultures, UV mutagenesis, western blot analysis, SDS-PAGE. . Detection of enzyme activity using Zymographic technique. . Polymerase chain reaction for amplification of nucleic acids (PCR) or by using real time PCR (RT PCR) . Detection of mutation using single strand conformation polymorphism technique (SSCP) or by using mutant allele specific amplification(MASA) . Detection of methylation using Methylation Specific PCR (MSP). . Detection of miRNA using RT PCR

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