TZ-Edits in backend of (raise app)

Morad Hussein

  • Posted 1 years ago
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The raise program is a donation program that helps the donor to reach the person who needs to donate through an intermediary or personally, and all of this is done through a mobile application, and there are some required modifications. Write high-quality code: To produce sustainable web applications, developers must write clean and easily maintainable code. Perform quality assurance (QA) testing: Create and oversee testing schedules to optimize user interface and experience, ensuring optimal display on various browsers and devices. Assess efficiency and speed: Once a website is up and running, and during updates and edits, developers need to assess its performance and scalability, adjusting code as necessary. Troubleshoot and debug: Be able to troubleshoot issues and resolve them, while communicating them to project managers, stakeholders, and QA teams. Train and support: Maintain workflows with client teams to ensure ongoing support, along with leading training and mentorship for junior developers.

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