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i am marketing expert for more than 10 years and professional social media community manager for more than 7 years i have more than 13 years of experience in real estate field at the Egyptian and gulf market I have the passion and I choose to implement only what I love and I can achieve it in the perfect way that supports my career and enables me to get the highest evaluation to get

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marketing plan for car care center at Saudi Arabia

١- اداره حسابات التواصل الاجتماعي لديكم والعمل علي تطويرها ( فيس بوك - انستجرام - تويتر - يوتيوب - تيك توك - سناب ) ٢- الرد علي استفسارات العملاء والرسائل والتعليقات خلال فتره عملي . ٣- ابتكار التصميمات والمحتوي النصي للاعلانات وابتكار العبارات التسويقيه الجاذبه . ٤-اطلاق وتنصيب الحملات المدفوعه علي وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي بحسب الميزانيه التي يتم تحديدها من جهتكم . ٥-وضع الخطه التسويقيه

facebook campaign

-content creation -target audience -Facebook campaign -social media management moderator for face book page -analytics and reports

property advisor

i have more than 10 years of real-estate marketing its my own business . i have worked for international real estate company as property consultant ,social media community manager

marketing plan for Construction company at Saudi Arabia

i was a new company at Saudi Arabia construction market ; they need a plan to go cross marketing stages from a awareness to growth .

pricing strategy for perfume company at Saudi Arabia

Re-pricing and creating marketing offers for sellers in external exhibitions for more than 300 products

marketing for Real estate asset management company

....Re-pricing services compared to competitors and creating marketing offers

marketing plan A company specialized in the field of lighting

Creating a marketing plan and analyzing competitors

face book ads for food application Saudi Arabia

Promoting the application for fast food orders

Marketing plan

Marketing plan for a car maintenance company in Saudi Arabia

face book ads

Create an advertising campaign aimed at obtaining new customers through Facebook

face book ads

Create an advertising campaign on Facebook

face book ads a/b testing

a/b testing before starting campaign

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