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My name is Rowan, and I am here to help you to stop worrying about your social media efforts. I know you know how important it is to your business, so let me tell you why picking me is the better decision. Here's your recipe for social media success: First, you will need a big bowl. Grab a Designer, peel off any ideas that they might have, and sprinkle your vision in them. Then, get some content creators, and give them a nice big squeeze so they can get you some great content. Make sure to marinade it all with a Strategy, And finally, let it rest for 2-3 sleepless months, worrying if it will turn out well, Or leave it to me.

Upon hiring me, my services include but are not limited to:

  • - Optimizing your social media accounts.
  • - Content plan (Full Calendar) and content scheduling.
  • - Creating a high-quality post design branded with your logo or website.
  • - Trending hashtag research.
  • - Increasing engagement.
  • -Facebook\Instagram Ads.
  • -Monthly report.

Platforms I work on:-

-Facebook. -Instagram. -LinkedIn. -Tiktok. -Snapchat. -Twitter.

Can't wait to work with you.

My services include:

Digital Market, Media Buying, Content Creation


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let me introduce myself first!

Hello! I'm Rowan, a Social Media Specialist and a successful Freelancer on FIVERR | Upwork | with 5 stars rate. I've managed various accounts for start-ups and large companies in Egypt | Tunisia | UAE | UK | KSA | USA | Zambia and a lot more. Having 3 years of experience in this industry. I've also worked as a "content creator" and "account manager" for various companies at KSA - KUWIT - EGYPT. It will be better if stopped talking a little bit and let you see my work below.

Thank you.

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